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【Product Returns for Non US and Canadian customers only

  1. All sales are non-refundable final sale.
  2. Only Exchange or Replacement with the customer's next order, upon confirmation that the problem is due to defective product or damage during delivery.
  3. The Print Head is non refundable or non retunable for all customers without exception.
  4. Please Do Not Place Your Order if you do not agree with LavaInk's terms.

LavaInk would like to ask you to confirm your order by agreeing to the above terms. Since this is a 【non-refundable final sale】, we must ask for your confirmation for a long-distance order such as this one because the international shipping is too expensive.

Although the quality of our products is second to none, the high shipping costs prevents us from refunding any parts which may have been damaged during shipping. We may however give 【replacements with your next orders】as stated above.


【Product Returns for US and Canadian customers only

  1. The Print Head is non refundable or non retunable for all customers without exception.
  2. Refunds and/or Returns are only acceptable for unopened and unused products.
  3. All Opened and Used Products are not acceptable for return.
  4. All tamperad products like dismatled and cut labels Products are not acceptable for return.
  5. 15% restorage fee will be applied to all the return products.
  6. You have only one opportunity to return the product, which is at the time of receiving the package should the product ID be different from the one emailed to you.
  7. You must confirm the product ID upon receiving the package with the Fedex/UPS driver present as witness. Failure to do this will void any warranties.
  8. The warranty is only applicable to the product of the specified ID number as emailed to you.
  9. The purchaser must be the one who receives and opens the package and gives the signature.
  10. LavaInk will give you replacements with your next order after we confirm that the products are either defective or damaged during delivery.
  11. You must report defective products within 10 days from your purchasing date.
  12. Delivery damage must be reported on the day the product is received.
  13. All Return Products must be send back within 10 days from your purchasing date.
  14. All Return Products must be in original package condition. 50.00USD will be charged if package is not original package.
  15. You must put the RETURN PRODUCTS at the waybill.
  16. You must email PRODUCTS ID Numbers to us.
  17. You have to follow LavaInk's instruction that will email to you for our return products.
  18. Please Do Not Place Your Order if you do not agree with LavaInk's above terms.


All prices quoted on this site are in US dollars.
Your credit card will be charged in US dollars only.
We(Lavaink) only accept wire transfer money through the BANK for Non US and Canada customer.
We(Lavaink) only pay the shipping fee. The customers pay all other expensive such as duty and tax.

A pre-payment with a credit card is required before an order can be shipped out. Orders are shipped within 12 hours from the time of order, subject to delivery service availability. Credit cards are charged at the time of shipping by the amount of goods that are actually being shipped plus the cost of a chosen delivery service. Any order can be shipped of charge by UPS Standard to any province of Canada and to any US state where such service is available. We are not be liable for product shortages and/or delays, the causes of which are beyond our control.

An order placed and accepted by LavaInk Ltd., may be canceled before it is shipped out, by e-mail and phone notification.


Products distributed by LavaInk Ltd. are warranted to the extent of the original manufacturer's warranty. Any product found to be defective will be replaced upon return of unused defective product. Our liability is limited to product replacement only. In no event will LavaInk Ltd. be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of any of our products. Warranty does not apply to defects caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, tampering, improper storage or out of date product.

Damage Claims:
If any product is damaged in shipment and damage is attributed to the delivery service, it is the LavaInk's responsibility to file a claim promptly with the delivery service. LavaInk Ltd. can be held responsible for such a damage (only for US and Canada customers up to value $100.00USD). If damage is hidden at the time of receipt and deemed to be not the fault of the delivery service (for example, a leaking container), a claim should be made to LavaInk Ltd. on the day the product is received. LavaInk Ltd. will decide at the time of claim whether or not the damaged goods need to be returned.

We also take responsiblity for another country customers' package damage up to value $100.00USD. We will ship the replacement ink with your next order.

LavaInk will reship LavaInk if the ink was lost by the delivery service-UPS right away without the UPS notice of package lost (only for US and Canada customers). We also will reship ink for another country customer after we get UPS notice of the package lost.

The terms, conditions and warranties stated hereby are the only authorized by LavaInk Ltd. and are in lieu of all other expressed or implied warranties or representations. We reserve the right to change prices and/or policies without prior notification

The Product may only be used at customer's sole risk. LavaInk Ltd is not responsible for any damage to your hardware occurred as a result of Product usage. LavaInk Ltd is not responsible for any suspension or cancellation of warranty and/or a technical support (including a refusal to supply spare parts) from a manufacturer, a dealer, or another organization providing a support to customer. LavaInk Ltd is not responsible for any damage, harm or injury, resulted from usage, handling or storage of the Product, directly or indirectly, regardless of cause.

LavaInk, Ltd. reserves all rights. The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

We will ship the order at the same day if you can place an order before 03:00PM US & Canada East Time.
Please note the time on the website right top corner.

The shipping fee is based on UPS Stand Ground Service to US.

No Extra Shipping fee with mini order.