EYE UV Lamp covers three kinds of uv lamps:

The first one is Mercury Lamp. that is High-purity mercury (Hg) and trace rare gas are seal into a quartz luminous tube. This lamp efficiently irradiates with 254-, 303-, 313-, and 365-nm ultraviolet rays. where 365 nm is the main wavelength. The mercury lamp outputs stronger and shorter wavelength ultraviolet rays compare to other lamps, and is mainly use to coat with clear paints.

And the second one is Metal Halide Lamp. that is Metal halide and mercury are both seal into a quartz luminous tube. This lamp irradiates over a wide UV spectrum from 200 to 450 nm. The metal halide lamp outputs stronger and longer-wavelength. ultraviolet rays at 300 to 450 nm compare to mercury lamps, and is use to cure printing inks.

The last one is High-pressure Metal Halide Lamp. that is Mercury and a metal halide (different from that use in the metal halide lamp) are seal into a quartz luminous tube. This lamp features particularly strong ultraviolet rays at 400 to 450 nm. The high-pressure metal halide lamp is use to cure thick paint films containing pigments.

Eye UV Lamp

H 02 - L 2 1 W B XValue
XDedicated code for inverter-operated
electronic stabilizer
HH: Mercury lamp
M: Metal halide lamp
HQ: Quick power-on mercury lamp
MQ: Quick power-on metal halide lamp
MA: High-pressure metal halide lamp
022 kW
LStraight tube
22: 80 W/cm 25: 100 W/cm
3: 120 W/cm 4: 160 W/cm
5: 200 W/cm 6: 240 W/cm
8: 320 W/cm
11: Standard type
2: Low ozone type
WNo code: Air-cooled lamp
W: Water-cooled lamp
BSpecial specifications
Eye UV Lamp