Agfa LED UV ink


This Agfa LED UV ink is for the Agfa Anapurna printers:

  1. H2050i LED printer
  2. RTR3200i LED
  3. H3200i LED printers
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Agfa LED UV ink

This Agfa led uv ink is the middle stretchable led uv ink. We supply soft LED uv ink and it’s good for roll to roll agfa uv printers. And provide the middle stretchable Agfa anapurna led uv ink as default to all the customers. High stretchable led uv ink can be stretchable to 200% upon the customer request.

This Agfa LED UV ink is not only for the Agfa Anapurna H2050i LED printer but also for Agfa Anapurna RTR3200i LED and Agfa Anapurna H3200i LED printers.

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Agfa anapurna LED UV ink for H2050i LED printer

Our agfa anapurna led uv ink has high High-performance and High Fluidity led uv ink from our agfa manufacturer directly. The fresh ink can delivery High-performance and High Fluidity at high speed printing mode. Our led uv ink get the High-performance with the high speed Konica 1024iMHE print head printer.


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