Agfa Printer Repair

Agfa Printer Repair Toronto at 80 CAD/Hour


Agfa Printer Repair

If your Agfa Printer experienced the following error:
Head Gap Setting
System Error
Head Lifting
Then you should check the following one by one to figure out what’s parts was damaged.

  1. If your Agfa Anapurna Printer had this issue when do home check, check the power supply first. 5V8Amp and 24VDC 1.5 Amp power supply. And 5V8Amp power supply is for head lifting. So check this 5V8Amp output if it has power out. You can buy this power supply at Agfa Power Supply If Power supply is good and then go to #2.
  2. Check Agfa Head Lifting sensor. The sensor was easy to be burned part. If Head Lifting sensor was burned, then this sensor send wrong signal to head lifting board. It will cause System Error: Head Lifting.
  3. How to test Agfa head Lifting sensor is burned or not? Just uninstall this sensor and use paper to insert to this sensor to check the light on the sensor. If this sensor light is ON and OFF when you block this sensor, that can prove this sensor is good. If this sensor light is always ON whatever you block or unblock this sensor, that prove this sensor was burned. Just replace it and head gap check should be OK.
  4. Head lifting board was impossible to be damaged at most of time if you do not burn head lifting board. because there is a 3 amp 250V fuse before head lifting board to protect head lifting board damaged. Only you directly touch this head lifting board with too much static electricity when you open machine, this situation will burn head lifting board.
  5. Check the operation, the gap of the head down with the finger down but the sensor does not change the detected state error and drop of the finger, remove and clean the sensor, try to reinstall the connector on the head lifting plate, but the problem remains the same, we replaced the sensor and then head gap check is fine.

Lavaink provides technique support and UV Printer Repair Toronto in Great Toronto Area. Toronto, Brampton, Markham, Oshawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Niagara Falls, Georgina, Barrie.

Lavaink provides EFI Vutek mainboard and head board repair services at the affordable price. We have some parts for EFI Vutek old model uv printers such as GS/QS etc.

UV Printer consists three fields for UV Printer Repair

  1. Ink Line Repair. The most of issues were ink line loose or leaking or Ink Damper, Ink Filter clogged. Agfa ink Line
  2. Electric Parts Repair. The most of issues were poor connector.
  3. Negative Pressure System. The most of issues were ink line loose or leaking.

We have over ten years experience in uv printer repair and so we can find out the issues quickly and fix them. We have all uv printer parts in stock to ensure your printer can been fixed within 24 hours.


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