Mimaki LUS-200 UV Ink 1000ML Bottle


Mimaki LUS-200 UV ink 1000ML bottle Chip Included


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Mimaki LUS-200 UV Ink 1000ML Bottle

Lavaink not only provides you highest quality Mimaki LUS-200 UV ink 1000ML bottle but also at the lowest price. We also offer you free technique support. and we also have all uv printer parts in stock at the lowest price. Further, we have the best negative pressure system for mimaki uv printer. Also we provide you uv printer repair service in the Great Toronto Area.

Mimaki negative air pressure Maintaining

UV ink line maintaining is the most important job, keep perfect negative air pressure is the key. The bigger negative pressure container, the more stability for ink line. Lavaink negative pressure container is from 12 liters to 25 liters. Negative pressure pump will pump once more than 30 seconds.

Mimaki UV Ink Line Maintaining

UV ink line sealed perfect and no leaking is the second key. The best way to keep ink line sealed perfect is to eliminate unnecessary connector in the ink line. Use high quality connector to seal ink line. Also use soft tube to connect to hard connector is better than using hard tube to connect to hard tube. pay attention to ink line detail.

How to check uv ink line is sealed perfect?

When you look out the printhead surface next morning before operate your uv printer, if the surface is perfect and no ink leaking, this can prove your ink line is sealed perfectly. Otherwise you should check your uv ink line where is loosed to cause ink dropping.

Ink line leaking or loose also cause negative pressure unstable and failed to print during the printing.

This Mimaki LUS-200 UV ink 1000ML bottle is for the following mimaki uv printers:

  • JFX200-2513
  • JFX200-2531
  • JFX500-2131
  • UJV500-160

This Mimaki uv ink comes with the following colors:

And LUS20-C-BA Cyan.
LUS20-M-BA Magenta.
LUS20-Y-BA Yellow.
And LUS20-K-BA Black.
Also LUS20-W-BA White.
LUS20-CL-BA Clear.

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