Roland AJ 1000 Ink Bag


Roland AJ 1000/740 Ink Bag

The chips are included only for colors.

No chip for cleaning.

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Roland AJ 1000 Ink Bag

This Roland AJ 1000 Ink Bag is not only for Roland AJ 1000 Printer but also forĀ AJ 1000i and aj740 printer.

Roland EcoXtreme i Ink Bag
Quick drying time for improved production speed
Wider color gamut and denser color
Virtually odorless and user-friendly
Rugged scratch resistance
100% OEM ink compatible.
as low as 50% OEM ink price.
150 uncoated media options.
No need to flush old ink.
Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination.
Compatible to EcoXtreme i ink cartridges to establish high-density Lavaink weak solvent ink, ECO-SOL 440 drying rate is fast, and provides a wide color gamut, rugged scratch resistance, coated media and broad uncoated and support – all inlow cost per square foot.
Compatible to EcoXtreme i ink cartridges have been developed to improve the all Roland weak solvent inkjet printers, including popular VersaCAMM to VersaArt sublimation, SOLJET and VersaStudio model performance. The six colors to choose from, including cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta.
Faster drying time and more positive bonding
Compatible to EcoXtreme i ink cartridges 1000ml, bonds actively the production of ultra-fast drying graphics, and close the printer can handle a wide variety of substrates. This advantage to improve production efficiency, and allow the implementation of the EcoXtreme i ink take-up roller system, unattended production runs, even in high-speed mode.
Scratch Resistance
Greater durability, Compatible to EcoXtreme i ink is sturdy scratch, involving critical to the production of complex finishing techniques, outdoor banners and other graphics. For outdoor banners, Compatible to EcoXtreme i ink to keep the entire printing and finishing processes, welding, sewing, and buttonhole attachment, including image quality.
Compatible to EcoXtreme i ink is virtually odorless, user-friendly.

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