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uv damper works for all UV Printers with negative pressure system

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UV Damper

This uv damper works for all UV Printers with negative pressure system.

You can use this replacement uv ink damper for any uv printers as long as your ink system with negative pressure system. And so this uv ink damper is universal uv damper for all uv machines such as EFI VUTEk QS220 / QS2000 / QS3200 / QS3220, Roland AJ-740 / AJ-1000. Icontek 3306-HC / 3308-HC, Speedvision SpeedJet Pro-180 / Pro-250 / Pro-320. OrionJet GZE1806AS, Ataline UD-2506G / UD-1806G, Taimes 3208SN / 3204S. Infiniti Challenger FY-3208G, Crystaljet 6000 series. And this uv ink damper also works for all Chinese uv printers. Such as Flora, Kincolor, Lava Printer, Taimes, Revotech, GongZheng, Skyjet etc.

This damper also works for Agfa uv printers with our alternative solution Agfa uv tubing. For the following Agfa uv printers:

Agfa Anapurna M 1600. Agfa Anapurna M 2050i. Agfa Anapurna 2500i. Agfa Anapurna M2540i. Agfa Anapurna M3200. Agfa Anapurna M2. Agfa Anapurna M4. Agfa Anapurna Mv. Agfa Anapurna Mw. Agfa Anapurna M2. Agfa Jeti 3348UV. Agfa Anapurna M4f. Jeti Mira. Jeti Tauro. Jeti Titan S/HS.

You should connect this uv damper to tube ID = 4 mm. UV Ink Tube at UV Ink Tube

This UV Parts UV ink damper is for all uv and solvent printers. This uv ink damper eliminates the possibility of uv ink leaking because this uv ink damper is directly connected to the tube without any connection like screw and o ring and therefor the whole uv ink line can be sealed perfectly. Buy this quality uv ink damper with trouble-free for your ink line.

How often do you need to replace uv damper?

You should replace your uv ink damper every 3 months if you want to get good ink fluid to uv printhead. There is too much sediments inside the damper to prevent ink go to uv printhead smoothly especially when you print at high speed, so you will definitely change your uv ink damper to get perfect printing at high speed.

How to keep ink line perfect sealed?

Ink line sealed perfect is the most most important for all printers maintenance. But how to keep ink line sealed perfectly?

Eliminate unnecessary connectors As far as possible is the key to keep ink line sealed perfectly. Please double check connectors if you really need them. Use different size soft tube to replace connector is a perfect sealed solution. Because plastic connector is easy to cause leaking or loose in the ink line.

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