Dupont ChromaPrint 22UV Lamp

Dupont ChromaPrint 22UV Lamp

Dupont ChromaPrint 22UV Lamp

Dupont ChromaPrint 22UV Lamp
Dupont ChromaPrint 22UV Lamp

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  • Fill: Mercury
  • Quartz: Standard
  • Overall Length: 8 1/4″/210mm
  • Arc Length: 5″/125mm
  • Tube Diameter: 5/8″/18.5mm
  • Cable Length: 7″/180mm

Dupont ChromaPrint 18UV Lamp

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This UV curing lamp is DuPont Lamp, Dupont UV Lamp, Flora Lamp, Flora UV Lamp, Raster Lamp, Raster UV Lamp digital inkjet printers and that is 100% compatible replacement.

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UV ink absolutely never dries printheads. UV ink does not contain solvent that must evaporate during the curing phase. UV ink is liquid ink in the ink line system and does not evaporate. UV ink become solid ink within 0.02 seconds once it receives exposure to strong UV-light. UV Ink is Environmentally Friendly UV ink becomes 100% percent solid. do not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds). With ECO-UV inks, the absence of ink reaction and absorption means colors will be consistent across different media types without requiring profiles specific for the media. Droplets of UV ink are cured by the UV lights shortly after they land on the surface of the media, leaving almost no time for the droplets to react or be absorbed by the media. This virtually eliminates any ink and media compatibility issue, making the UV ink compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated media. UV solid ink does not diffuse after printing due to it becoming solid ink within 0.02 seconds once it is exposed to strong UV-light. No material is evaporated or removed, which means about 100% of the delivered volume is used to provide coloration. This can guarantee UV inks to produce very robust image at high resolution. (In fact. 14pl UV ink printing resolution is much higher than 3.5pl eco solvent ink). The stretchable UV ink can expand up to 220 percent. This greater elasticity allows graphics to wrap uneven shapes, indentations, corners and curved surfaces. UV ink become solid very quickly, which leads to instant drying that results in a completely cured graphic in a matter of seconds. This also allows for a very fast print process. The scratch resistance of UV ink is much better than eco solvent ink. UV ink printing can last up to 3 years ourdoor without lamination. UV ink is waterproof ink and no need to laminate for outdoor. printing. There are just too many advantages. including its fast curing speeds. high print qualities. durability and flexibility. for ultraviolet printing not to become the new standard. Easier Maintenance
UV ink never dries your UV Flatbed Printer head and you can run your UV flatbed printer after months without printing. Just do a little cleaning and your uv flatbed printer can get back to the perfect printing condition. For solvent printers, however, it is impossible to immediately resume work after one month without printing.

Fast Curing Speeds
With UV Flatbed Printer, the ink is dry the moment it comes off the press. No more waiting for the ink to dry. no more waiting to do proofs. no more ghosting of images on the page above it. Instead. press checks are quick and you can move on to binding and finishing faster. Not only is it faster for your clients. it saves you time too.

With UV Flatbed Printer, you can print on almost any surface such as glass. wood. metal and any rigid media. That flexibility translates to hundreds of uses at the local print shop level – small retail items. book covers. clings. cards. large banners. the list is almost endless. And with this new UV Flatbed Printer ability to print on traditionally non-porous surfaces like Styrene or hard boards. customers are starting to pay attention.