【Product Returns for all customers without exception

  1. All disputes are subject to Richmond Hill Small Claims Court

    8500 Leslie Street, Suite 395

    Markham, Ontario L3T 7M8

  2. LavaPrint is not liable for any damages related to our products and services without exception.
  3. Liability for services:We exercise due care when providing services, and seek to perform the works to the best of our ability and within reason. We cannot, however, guarantee to achieve a specific result, and do not claim any responsibility to do so. Should the materials and/or equipment entrusted to us by the client for service-work become damaged or lost as a result of our fault, we are only liable to provide compensation for those materials and/or equipment, at the same quantity and quality at the time immediately prior to the damage or loss. We are not liable for any further losses suffered by the client as a non-direct result of the initial damage or loss of material and/or equipment, and such losses will not be considered for the above compensation. We are not liable to provide other compensation of any kind, except in the event of fraud or serious negligence, whereby the burden of proof shall be on the purchaser. As the service provided is inherently variable in process, we do not assume any liability nor can we accept any penalty clause, should there be late delivery or performance on our part.
  4. All parts must be installed by an authorized technician or OEM certified technician without exception
  5. For international small order (value is under 100USD or shipping fee is under 30USD), We will use post office without tracking number to instead of Fedex with tracking number. No guarantee  for post office and you can not claim it if it was lost by post office. If you want guarantee delivery and you should contact us and pay the international shipping fee.
  6. All dispute court claims files(for international customers) will be send to your email unless you want to pay international shipping fee yourself.
  7. Refunds or Returns are only acceptable for unopened and unused products for USA and Canadian customers only.
  8. NO Payapl processing fees is refundable because Paypal no longer will refund their processing fees for returned orders.
  9. All Opened and Used Products are not acceptable for return.
  10. All tampered products, such as those dismantled and with removed labels are not acceptable for return.
  11. 20% re-stocking fee will be applied to all the return products.
  12. You have only one opportunity to return the product, which is at the time of receiving the package should the product ID be different from the one sold to you(ID is only for high value parts).
  13. You must confirm the product ID upon receiving the package with the Fedex UPS driver present as witness.
  14. You have only one opportunity to return the product, which is at the time of receiving the package should the product ID be different from the one emailed to you.
  15. Failure to do this will void any warranties. The warranty is only applicable to the product of the specified ID number as sold to you.
  16. The warranty is only applicable to the product of the specified ID number as sold to you.
  17. The warranty will be void if the specified ID number on the product was removed!!!
  18. The purchaser must be the one who receives and opens the package and gives the signature.
  19. LavaInk will give you replacements with your next order after we confirm that the products are either defective or damaged during delivery.
  20. You must report defective products within 10 days from your purchasing date. Proof of defectiveness in the product is required for return or replacement. This proof must be in the form of a document, written by an authorized technician or OEM certified technician that explains the diagnostic methods used to determine that this specific part is defective, and not merely another part of the machine. The proof provided must be beyond reasonable doubt. This document must be signed by the aforementioned technician, with full contact information, so that LavaInk may confirm the details if deemed necessary. This document must be sent, by mail, to LavaInk. Only hard copies accepted.
  21. Delivery damage must be reported on the day the product is received.
  22. All Return Products must be send back within 10 days from your purchasing date. All Return Products must be in original package condition.
  23. 20.00USD will be charged if package is not original package.
  24. You must put the RETURN PRODUCTS at the waybill.
  25. You must email PRODUCTS ID Numbers to us.
  26. You have to follow LavaInk instruction that will be emailed to you for our return products.
  27. You have to follow LavaInk’s instruction that will email to you for our return products.
  28. The shipping fee is not refundable without exception.
  29. Customer have to pay return shipping fee without exception.
  30. Please Do Not Place Your Order if you do not agree with LavaInk’s above terms.
  31. Lavaink reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice.
  32. The delivery will be based on the availability of the goods. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the delivery date by the seller will be fully indicative. The customer has no right to use any delayed delivery as a reason to cancel the sale, refuse the products or request compensation.
    If the customer does not accept the delivery of the goods after the formal notification, the seller has the right to execute the contract without prejudice to any claim for damages or if he believes that the contract has been automatically terminated and the seller has renounced any payment in advance.
    If the delivery is a delivery, all or part of the failure of any delivery should not affect the other delivery.Delivery problemSeller will not be responsible for delivery problems or delivery failures for any reason, including, among others, incorrect shipping addresses, product shortages, product disposal, etc. The seller reserves the right to modify the order if the original product is no longer available, using similar products of equal or greater value. The shape and color of the product specifications are subject to change without prior notice, except for the use of the product, which must be used in accordance with the product originally ordered.
  33. All Mimaki new kinds of chip will be send out using registered Airmail with tracking number.
    Transit time depends from country to country and can be 4-5 days to 1-7 weeks.
    – By EMS International- By DHL or Fedex using costumer account