Maxjet Encoder

Maxjet Encoder Board

Maxjet Encoder Board
Maxjet Encoder Board

Price: $49.95 USD 

This Maxjet Encoder Board is for the following printers: Maxjet 400 600 900 1200

Maxjet Encoder Strip

Maxjet Encoder Strip
Maxjet Encoder Strip

Price: $79.95 USD 

This Maxjet Encoder Strip is for the following printers: Maxjet 400 600 900 1200

Maxjet Encoder Strip

How to clean Maxjet Encoder Strip?
You will need Isopropyl Alcohol, Cleaning Swabs and Paper Towels.
Putting two drops of alcohol onto each side of the cleaning swab. Dab the swab on the paper towel to soak up any excess liquid.
Wipe the exposed area of the Maxjet encoder strip gently in one direction, do not try to scrub the strip or bend it. Repeat the cleaning for the back of the Maxjet encoder strip.
Put the machine into Cleaning Mode under the Maintenance Sub-Menu. You will now be asked to remove the maintenance cover on the left side of the printer.
After the Head Carriage moves to the left side of the printer, continue to clean the area of the Maxjet encoder strip that is now exposed over the docking area.
Once the Maxjet encoder strip has been cleaned, perform a Limit Initialization to reset the Head Carriage.

All printer manufacturers use optical Maxjet encoder strips in inkjet printers to tell the print head carrier how for it has moved and also when it return to home position. If you get a bad printer jam hat blocks the carrier this Maxjet encoder strip can get disconnected and then the printer can not print anything. We are about to show you how to repair the strip if it is damaged and reinstall it so the printer can function again. This guide uses the Roalnd Printer as an example but the steps are the same for any printer that uses these Maxjet encoder strips. The first thing to do is check the strip for damage. Check both ends and make sure the plastic is not torn. The ends should have an opening about 1/4 inch from the end as seen here.

If your Maxjet encoder strip is torn you can usually repair it with packing tape. Wrap the tape around the end several times and the use a small knife to cut the tape where the original hole was as seen below. Then cut the tape off the strip around the side and end.

Now its time to reinstall the strip. The Maxjet encoder strip attaches to retainer brackets and both sides of the printer and is threaded through the printhead carrier in the middle. You will need the carrier to be in the middle of the printer. To get it there you will need to power up the printer and open the cover like you were going to change the print heads. Power up the printer and the print heads should start to move to the side. When they get about the center of the printer you will need to pull the power plug so they stop moving. Connect one end of the Maxjet encoder strip as seen here.

Now thread the Maxjet encoder strip through the carrier as seen here. The outside opening is about 1/2 inch but the slot the encoder goes in is only about 1/16in so be patient.

Then connect the other end of the Maxjet encoder strip, the left hard side is spring metal to tension the strip and keep it tight.

Now if you reapply the power to the printer the carrier should move freely and move back to the right side. Close the printer cover and try a test print to see if it work. If you still get a carrier jam then the strip did not get inserted correctly through the carrier. Just disconnect it and try again.

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