how to buy a uv printer

How to buy a uv printer?

How to buy a uv printer?

This how to buy a uv printer instruction gives you a practice way to buy a uv printer. Just print CMYK solid colours at 4 passes with bi direction mode ! The simplest way is to print CMYK solid colours at 4 passes to check if there is pass banding. In fact, even Agfa UV Printers cannot avoid producing pass banding when printing CMYK Solid colours at 4 passes.

Why can most of UV printers not avoid pass banding?

Consider this example: printing black, when the printhead is moving left, it mixes the colours in the order of KCMY, but when the printhead moves right it will mix the colours in reverse order, YMCK. Due to the curing process of UV ink, KCMY and YMCK will cure slightly differently, and this systematic difference becomes noticeable with repeated banding. That is why it is common for UV printers to exhibit banding.

Lava uv printer eliminate the pass banding

The good news is Lava-3RH4896 UV flatbed printer uses advanced technology to eliminate the pass banding at solid colour printing. So this is very important info for how to buy a uv printer. We use feathering technology between two printing passes to eliminate pass banding.

Why print at 4 passes?

If the UV flatbed printer has good mechanical precision, then it can print at 4 passes without banding. This is a precision test that proves the quality of the printer. This is physic mechanical precision test for how to buy a uv printer.
Besides the above printing test, you also can follow how to buy a uv printer instructions to make sure you are not only buying a good UV flatbed printer but also that you bought a robust UV printer that can expect to last at least 3 years without any issues. In fact, Lavaink’s customers already have been using our uv flatbed printers and now they are still in full work condition.

The most popular uv printer parts

The printer parts are the most popular of parts you should know how to buy a uv printer.
The most popular is an indication of production volume and stability.
Firstly, the UV print head is one of the popular models used worldwide. Today, the best of UV printer head is from Japan:
  1. Epson consumable printhead at tiny detail quality.
  2. Ricoh G5 printhead is the best UV industrial standard printhead. Ricoh Gen5 printhead nozzle pitch 600 dpi (One colour printing) 300 dpi(two colour printing) in physical resolution.
  3. Konica 1024 is also good UV industrial standard printhead but compare it to Ricoh, Konica nozzle pitch 180 dpi in physical resolution.
That’s why Lava-3RH4896 choose the best industrial standard UV printhead. This ensures Lava-3RH4896 delivers the best printing quality.

Electric Parts

Secondly, from main board to head board, we choose the most of popular UV Ricoh main board system. Our UV flatbed printer main board and head board manufacture is the biggest UV printer in the world wide. up to date, sell over 100,000 UV boards. This huge production volume can guarantee the best quality and stability.

Mechanical Precision

Thirdly, we use the best motors from Panasonic and German Igus towline to guarantee mechanical precision and durability. Furthermore, LED Lighting Curing System effectively ensures that the large amount of printing ink dries completely, as well as the non-proliferation of ink droplets, resulting in fine quality. Anti-collision system can prevent expensive printheads from accidental damage in the printing process.


The best software: Rip software use photoprint and the ICC Profile adopts the Borbieri color calibrator from German GMG international color system. This ensure the colour is more standard and universal in the whole printing processing from design to product.
Lavaink stocks all UV printer parts and so we can deliver all parts within 24 hours worldwide. This ensures you can get the fastest maintenance services for your UV flatbed printer.
The best quality ink from Toyo uv ink for Lavaink can guarantee fast delivery and high quality printing without any issues.

Final simple instruction how to buy a uv printer

  1. Just print CMYK solid colours at 4 passes with bi direction mode !
  2. UV Printer print head must be the most popular industrial standard print head. Ricoh Gen5 MH5320 printhead. see the following info at *.
  3. Electric Parts must be the most popular industrial standard parts such as uv printer main boards and head boards.
  4. Good Electric Leakage Protection to prevent your uv printer expensive boards from burned damaged. see the following info at **
  5. High Mechanical Precision use Panasonic Motor and German Igus towline.
  6. ICC profile and RIP software use German GMG and Photoprint.
  7. Use the best toyo uv ink.
  8. Check dealer website to make sure they have good articles for uv printer maintenance.
  9. Check dealer website to make sure they have all uv printer parts online and you can buy them any time.

If you can ensure you want to buy uv printer has the above conditions and then you will really have a good quality uv printer.

* Why we just use Ricoh GEN5 MH 5320 print head not Ricoh GEN5 MH 5340 print head? Because Ricoh GEN5 MH 5320 print head just has two colours configuration but MH 5340 has 4 colours configuration. Ricoh print head has physic resolution 300 dpi with 2 colours but Ricoh print head has physic resolution 150 dpi with 4 colours.

** Lava uv printer use solid state relay and over current protection to prevent electric parts from damaged.

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