Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit


Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit


Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit is for Roland, Mutoh, mimaki and all other Printers. Regular maintenance required this cleaning kit.

  • 100 lint-free cleaning SWABS.
  • One lint-free cleaning PAPER.
  • One bottle 5 Oz (150 ml) of solvent CLEANING LIQUID.
  • One SYRINGE 60 ml.
  • One Damper.
  • Y shape one way to two ways connector.
  • One Soft CLEAR TUBING 2*4 for Syringe.
  • One hard CLEAR TUBING 1.5*3 for damper.

Why you need

Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit

This Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit is for ink line and print head maintaining. There are too many parts you should take care and repair and keep them in good condition. However, ink line maintaining is the most challenge job for all printer maintaining. The first thing is that you should keep ink line seal perfectly. Therefore, you will need to use syringe that is in Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit to test ink line if it was seal perfect. Especially, you should focus to check all joints in the ink line. Such as O ring that is inside the damper, cap top, manifold etc. Of course, and also damper.

The most import thing is that you can use syringe to suck out after cap top, your ink line is fine and seal perfect if you can suck out ink. Otherwise it proved your ink line is loos somewhere. Check damper, cap top and all ink joints.

All of work, you can use Adapter Manifold Cleaning Kit like syringe to check if ink line somewhere is loose and leaking. However, the best solution for ink line is the less joints and the better. Our solution is that connecting tubing to damper directly without any joints and so this solution eliminate the leaking possibility for ink line. Please refer ink line maintaining at maintaining ink line.

Print head maintain

There are two kinds of ink system. The first one is positive air pressure ink system, this system is consumable standard machine because it does not require too many equipment. But this system has one defect is that it can not control ink line perfect condition. Such as ink will dropping during printing or air bubble go to ink line, all of these will fail your printing job and it will increase your printing cost. You will need All Printers Cleaning Kit’s lint-free paper to wiper ink and keep print head surface perfect. Your printing will fail if there is ink dropping at the surface of print head.

Furthermore, you also will take care UV Printers Cleaning Kit’s wiper. Wiper is keep the surface of print head clean, and that’s why you have to change wiper if it was dirty. And also you will need to use lint-free paper to clean the print head surface manually if automatically wiper cleaning doe snot work.