EFI Ratser H652 Parts


Agfa all-in-one alternative ink line kit solution.

Only for for one color ink line!!!

  1. One Agfa Ink Pump.
  2. 36 feet 4*6 mm Agfa uv ink tubing.
  3. One Agfa Sub tank.
  4. One Agfa Ink Damper.
  5. All connectors and clamps for ink line installation. Choose the correct connectors and clamps is the most important to keep ink line sealed perfect.


EFI Ratser H652 Parts

This EFI Ratser H652 Parts Kit is not OEM EFI Ratser H652 Parts and it’s replacement parts from Lavaink.

It includes the following Agfa Replacement Parts:

  1. One Ink Pump for EFI Ratser H652
  2. Ink Filter (5 um) for EFI Ratser H652
  3. 24 feet 4*6 mm high quality for EFI Ratser H652 uv ink tubing. Inner Diameter is 4 mm and external Diameter is 6 mm. It’s hard uv tubing that is easy to install it through EFI Ratser H652 ink line belt. This uv tubing is for for EFI Ratser H652 flatbed printer and similar machine.
  4. One Sub tank for EFI Ratser H652. This sub tank is metal sub tank and the size is 38*38*80 mm. It has two ways valves and one is for ink line and other one is for flush solution line. You can just turn it at ink line valve for EFI Ratser H652 ink line because EFI Ratser H652 has its own flush solution line.
  5. One Ink Damper for EFI Ratser H652. This uv ink damper will be installed after sub tank to protect the printhead from sediment clogged.

This EFI Ratser H652 Parts alternative solution for EFI Ratser H652 ink line. Also we separated all parts and it’s easy to maintain the whole ink line. Like ink pump, ink pump filter and ink damper are separated. The most important thing is we separate the ink line from each colors. You just need to replace one sub tank if sub tank was clogged. Lavaink EFI Ratser H652 Parts UV Ink Line Kit solution save you big money.

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Weight 10 kg