Graphtec fc-4100-130 Belt


Graphtec fc-4100-130 Belt


This Graphtec fc-4100-130 Belt is for fc-4100-130 cutter.

How to buy fc-4100-130 Belt?

You should inspect your belt’s following specifications:

  1. How Width for your Graphtec Belt? like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 mm? Which width is for your belt.
  2. How length for your belt? Doesn’t matter that unite is inch or mm. Just let us know it when you check out your belt order.
  3. Teeth is 2 mm for most of Graphtec belt. Just leave the notice if your belt has different teeth.
  4. S2M127@20

Here is how to buy flex belt.

When you need to replace your old Belt?

Normally you should replace your old Graphtec fc-4100-130 Belt every two years because loose belt will resulting in damage your cutter blade holder and it will cost you much more money than belt ones. Especially, you notice there is apparently loosed or cracked. Just replace it to keep cutter the best performance.

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