Hiwin HGL30HAEZ0P Block


Hiwin HGL30HAEZ0P Block

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How to buy Hiwin HGL30HAEZ0P Block?

  1. The first thing is that you should check your hiwin block ID number. Then purchase correct hiwin block.
  2. If your hiwin ID just has HGW20CA and there is no letter after it, Then you just need to purchase HGW20CA-Z0C because your hiwin block is just standard block and no need to purchase extra featurers block. Z0C is standard feature.

Hiwin HGL30HAEZ0P Block

Size: 30 mm

Load Type: Super heavy Load

Block: Special Block

Preload Class: Light Preload (0 ~ 0.02C)

Precision Code: P

Durst Protection: Standard protection (End seal and bottom seal)

Lubrication: None

Metallic End Cap: None

Total Height: 36.00 mm

Total Width: 60.00 mm

Total Length: 97.40 mm

Bolt Hole Spacing – Width: 40.00 mm

Bolt Hole Spacing – Length: 40.00 mm

Hole Diameter:  mm

Thread Size: M8

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Hiwin HG Block Dimension
Hiwin HG Block Type
Hiwin HG Block Preload
Hiwin HG Block Precision 1
Hiwin HG Block Precision 2
Hiwin HG Block Precision 3
Hiwin HG Block Durst
Hiwin HG Block Dimension of Bolts Caps

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