Mimaki JV5 Replacement Printhead


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Install miaki jv33 replacement printhead correctly. You should follow mimaki Services manual and especially you should install screws in order as manual steps otherwise installation printhead will fail if you install screws in wrong order. Like you must follow install the first screw firstly and then second screw and then third screw. You can not install the third screw first. Wrong order install screw can not keep the seal between printhead and cap top perfectly and so you will fail to suck out ink.
Ink line maintaining is the most challenging job and it including printhead installation and maintaining.
Ink Line is sealed perfectly is the key in Ink line maintaining.
Ink line leaking is the most annoying issue and sometime it will cost you huge time and money to eliminate this simple issue.
How do you know your ink line is not sealed perfectly?
Check the printhead surface to see if there is leaking in ink line
One phenomenon is that the ink is dropping down from the printhead surface. before you turn on your printer, watch out your printhead surface and check the surface if there is ink dropping down after the whole day you closed all your ink line. If there is ink dropping down, it will prove your ink line is not sealed perfectly.

You need to check the ink line connector and damper O ring.


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