Mimaki JV5 Transistor A1742




Mimaki JV5 Transistor A1742 Specifically for the JV33 printers, these hard-to-find transistors square measure wont to regulate the voltage to the print head. If these go unhealthy, then you’ll step by step notice extreme deflection, vital missing nozzles and eventually a complete color missing. Since unhealthy transistors exhibit a similar results with clogged dampers and electrically unhealthy heads, you’ll got to bear a full suite of tests to see wherever the matter lies. Each print head utilizes a pair of completely different transistors. This half variety is for the semiconductor tagged necrotizing enterocolitis C4550 If you’re not at home with testing NPN transistors, you’ll got to consult associate degree physics technician or learn the testing strategies through the net. we tend to don’t offer technical info on testing these.


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