Mimaki JV5 Vacuum Fan Assembly E300482


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Mimaki JV5 Printer Fan Absorption Fan Assy
Size: 97 x 94 x 33 mm 24V 0.3A
This Mimaki Printer Fan is for printers: Mimaki CJV30-60. CJV30-100. CJV30-130. CJV30-160. CJV30-60BS. CJV30-100BS. CJV30-130BS. CJV30-160BS. JF-1610. JF-1631. JFX-1615. JFX-1615Plus. JFX-1631. Mimaki Printer Fan. JFX-1631Plus. JV33-130. JV33-160.JV33-260. JV33-130BS.JV33-160BS. JV33-260BS . JV5-130S . JV5-160S .JV5-260S . JV5-320S .JV5-320DS . TPC-1000 . TS3-1600 . TS5-1600AMF . UJV-160.Mimaki Printer Fan. Mimaki JV3-130.Mimaki JV3-160.Mimaki JV3-250.Mimaki JV2-130.Mimaki JV2-160.Mimaki JV22-130.Mimaki JV22-160.Mimaki JV4-130.Mimaki JV4-160.Mimaki JV4-180.
drying rate can be improved by the use of a secondary reheater . The reel can be used even when printing at high speed, improving the efficiency and workflow. Comfortable, exhaust vents work environment less smell to help the ventilation more effectively work spaces (optional) Exhaust – fans attached to the exhaust – driven before and using back removing fumes effectively. A curtain attached to the front of the machine and reduces the spread of printing exhaust and help effectively remove fumes.
Mimaki CJV30-60.Mimaki CJV30-100.Mimaki CJV30-130.Mimaki CJV30-160.Mimaki CJV30-60BS.Mimaki CJV30-100BS.Mimaki CJV30-130BS.Mimaki CJV30-160BS.
Mimaki DS 1600.Mimaki DS 1800.Mimaki DS 320.Mimaki GP 604.Mimaki GP 604D.Mimaki GP 1810.Mimaki GP 1810D.
Mimaki JFX 1615.Mimaki JFX 1631.Mimaki JFX500-2131.Mimaki JFX200.Mimaki JV3-130.Mimaki JV3-160.Mimaki JV3-250.
Mimaki JV2-130.Mimaki JV2-160.Mimaki JV22-130.Mimaki JV22-160.
Mimaki JV4-130.Mimaki JV4-160.Mimaki JV4-180.Mimaki JV5-130S.Mimaki JV5-160S.Mimaki JV5-320DS.Mimaki JV5-320S.
Mimaki JV5-130.Mimaki JV5-160.Mimaki JV5-250.Mimaki JV5-260.Mimaki JV5-130BS.Mimaki JV5-160BS.Mimaki JV5-250BS.Mimaki JV5-260BS.
Mimaki JV34-260.
Mimaki JV400LX-130.Mimaki JV400LX-160.Mimaki JV400SUV-130.Mimaki JV400SUV-160.Mimaki SWJ 320 S2.Mimaki SWJ 320 S4.
Mimaki TPC 1000.Mimaki TS3-1600.Mimaki TS5-1600AMF.Mimaki TS34-1800A.Mimaki TS500-1800.Mimaki TX2-1600.Mimaki TX3-1600.Mimaki TX400-1800B.Mimaki TX400-1800D.Mimaki TX500-1800DS.Mimaki UJF 160.Mimaki UJF 605CII.Mimaki UJF 605RII.Mimaki UJF 706.Mimaki UJF 3042FX.Mimaki UJF 3042HG.Mimaki UJF 6042.
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