Mutoh VJ 1204 1304 CR Belt DF-49046


Mutoh VJ CR Belt DF-43883 is connected between the PF scan motor and PF disc encoder sensor

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Mutoh VJ 1204 1304 CR Belt DF-49046

This Mutoh VJ 1204 1304 CR Belt DF-49046 for the X axis is appropriate for Mutoh Valuejet 1204 printers.  It is also speed reduction belt. This Mutoh VJ CR Belt DF-49046 10s2m400 has a circumference of 46cm and is 1cm wide. The perform of a belt is to easily transfer rotation from one pulley to another one. This Mutoh cr belt is not only for the above printers but also for the following printer: Mutoh has too many different model printers but most of them use the same Mutoh cr belt with different id number such as Mutoh RJ-900C (Drafstation) / RJ-900X (Drafstation) / RJ-901C (Drafstation Pro) / Valuejet 1204 / Valuejet 1304 / Valuejet 1304W / Valuejet 1324.

Lavaink provides not only for the above Mutoh printers VJ CR belts but also for all kinds of Mutoh printers.  These Mutoh printers include ValueJet-628,ValueJet-426UF,ValueJet-1626UH,ValueJet-1617H,RJ-900X,Blizzard-60, Blizzard-90,Falcon-Outdoor-36, Falcon-Outdoor-48, Falcon-Outdoor-62RH-43, RH-46, RH-48, RH-60, RH-62, RH-64, RH-90,RJ-4100, RJ-6100, RJ-8000,Spitfire-65, Spitfire-90, Spitfire-100,Viper-65, Viper-90, Viper-100,Osprey-75, Osprey-102, Osprey-130, Toucan-LT-64, Toucan-LT-87.

Mutoh Printers belts types

Mutoh Printers belts cover three type belts. The first one is closed CR belt that is connected between two pulleys and it also named synchronizes timing belt. Like this mutoh cr belt is closed flexible belt. The second belt is open end flexible that includes Pitch in mm, Width in mm, Belt Length in mm and Belt Type, this info is at Flexible Belt Parameter. The last one is steel belt that require four parameter: steel belt type,  belt thickness in mm, belt width in mm and belt length in mm, this info is at Buy Steel Belt.

We also customized belts for any machine. We can produce any belts as long as you provide us the technique data for belt. Most of time we can manufacture belts within one week once we get the full belt information.


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