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This roland sc 545 45 degree carbide blades is for the following Roland Printers: BN-20 CJ-540 CM-12 CM-24 CM-300 CM-400 CM-500 CX-24 CX-300 CX-400 CX-500 FJ-500 FJ-540 FJ-600 FP-740 GX-24 GX-300 GX-400 GX-500 GX-640 LEC-300 LEC-300A LEC-330 LEF-12 LEF-20 LEJ-640 LEJ-640F PNC-1000a PNC-1050 PNC-1100 PNC-1200 PNC-1210 PNC-1410 PNC-1410k PNC-1510 PNC-1510hs PNC-1600 PNC-1610 PNC-1610s PNC-1800 PNC-1850 PNC-1860 PNC-1900 PNC-1910 PNC-2100 PNC-2100a PNC-2200 PNC-2200a PNC-2300 PNC-2300a PNC-2500 PNC-2501 PNC-2550 PNC-2700 PNC-2700E PNC-2701 PNC-300 PNC-3000 PNC-300g PNC-3100 PNC-3101 PNC-3101g PNC-3200 PNC-500 PNC-5000 PNC-900 PNC-910 PNC-950 PNC-960 RA-640 RE-640 RS-540 RS-640 Roland SC-500 SC-540 SC-545EX SJ-1045EX SJ-540 SJ-645EX SJ-740 SJ-745EX SP-300 SP-300V SP-300i SP-540 SP-540V SP-540i VP-300 VP-300i VP-540 VP-540i VS-300 VS-300i VS-420 VS-540 VS-540i VS-640 VS-640i XC-540 XC-540MT XF-640 XJ-540 XJ-640 XJ-740 XR-640 . REPLACING THE CUTTING BLADE Read following data on once and the way to interchange the cutting blade.

(1) Replacement time: Replace the cutting blade beneath the subsequent conditions.
a. Media can not be cut cleanly The message “media Cut Error” seems on the operation panel if a media
cutting error happens.
Paper Cut Error

Heaters Cut&Feed User1* Cutter Chg.
Cleaning LeverUp xxxm

b. once the cut edge has scuffing
Follow the steps below to interchange the cutting blade.
Step one: If the printer is turned on, confirm of the subsequent Printing or alternative operations aren’t
performed. confirm that the show on the operation panel shows the conventional standing. The MEDIA SET
lightweight on the operation panel explodes.
Step two: setup Menu at the operation panel and show the cutting blade replacement menu on the operation
panel.(Refer to ‘Cutter amendment menu’) * Cutter Chg. *No affirmative ← F2
Step three :Select “Yes” by pressing the key [F2] at the operation panel. The printer is ready for cutting
blade replacement. The carriage moves to the cutting blade position for replacement. Then message should be
displayed at the operation panel like the following.

•If you probably did one in every of the items mentioned in step three, the printer doesn’t replace the
cutting blade and returns to the setup menu.
•Then Press the [CANCEL] key on the operation panel.
•Then Select “NO” then press the [F1] key on the operation panel.

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