Seiko 100S Cable U00094583200


Seiko 100S Cable U00094583200 for

  • HP Designjet 10000 cable
  • Océ CS6100 cable
  • Colorpainter 100 Cable
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Seiko 100S Cable U00094583200 is for the following Seiko printers:

  • Seiko Colorpainter 100S

This Seiko 100S Cable is not only for Seiko Colorpainter 100S but also for HP Designjet 10000 and Océ CS6100.

Why you need to replace Seiko 100S Cable?

You have to replace your cables right away if you see ANY harm at the cable. Such as twisted connector, filthy leads, even the smallest scratch to the cable. It’s much less expensive to replace cables than to manage a broken head board or print head!

You have to replace Seiko data cable if the cables is grimy, twisted or stripped. Otherwise your print heads will failure to discharge or quit working. And after that you’ll have one costly repair. You hear this constantly – cables that short out the print head or more terrible, make harm the costly Head Board or Carriage Board. Especially there is often 085 error for Mutoh VJ 1604 printer if you connected wrong cable. Thus we strong recommend you that only certificated OEM technician to replace your Seiko cable.

Take all cables’ photo

Furthermore we also strong recommend you take all cables photo and mark these cables before you replace Seiko data cables.  Then you will have reference photo for cable connections in case you forgot.

Do not insert and remove Seiko Printer Cable often

Although official Seiko say that the life of cables is between 5-10 embed/expulsion cycles, most of Seiko printer’s customers insert and remove Seikocables more than 10 cycles. In fact, on our experience, all cable’s end pin is easy damaged after 3~5 insert/removal cycles. Hence you should buy extra cables for back up.

Customized Cables

Lavaink provides not only regular cable but also we have ability to customize cables for all machines.

Simply fill in cable form at How to buy cable and we will produce your cables within 3~6 days at the lowest price guarantee. In order to get cable correct information, you have to take cable photos with ruler as ours. Hence we can 100% guarantee to manufacture the same cables for your machine.

We manufacture not only Flexible Flat Cable but also SCSI cable. Just email us your cable requirement and we will produce cable at the unbeatable price.

Seiko customized data cable SCSI Cable.

This Seiko 100s Cable Seiko Colorpainter 100S Carriage Cable U00094583200.

seiko 100s cable HP Designjet 10000 cable Océ CS6100 cable Seiko Colorpainter 100S Carriage Cable long data cable head cable U00094583200 lowest price

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