SubZero 170 UV Clear Quartz Plate


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SubZero 170 UV Clear Quartz Plate

The SubZero 170 UV Clear Quartz Plate experiences strict quality control measures. Hence, A common glass plate will be unable to withstand extraordinary temperatures in a curing light unit. And so this is the reason a quartz plate is utilized. Further, UV Clear Quartz Plate shields lights from garbage and fills in as a channel between curing framework and light. Considers demonstrate that a quartz plate viably forestalls soil, coarseness and contaminants from working up in the light.

Why you need to replace SubZero 170 UV Clear Quartz Plate?

Substitution lights are critical segment in the print drying framework. It dries inks and coatings in signs and illustrations and the quartz glass plate ensures light by functioning as a channel. A quartz plate is generally set between the light and the substrate and does not ingest the UV beams dissimilar to conventional glass plate yet reradiates the beams at a temperature lower than the light. Cleaning the plate intermittently keeps your light working in great condition.

Customized UV Clear Quartz Plate

Lavaink provides not only standard SubZero 170 UV Clear Quartz Plate but also Customized UV Clear Quartz Plate for any machines. Simple send us your UV Clear Quartz Plate dimension and so we can produce them within two days at the lowest price.

How often do you need replace your UV Clear Quartz Plate?

You need to replace your UV Clear Quartz Plate each 4~6 months because UV Clear Quartz Plate were dirty and poor transparent. And so bad transparent UV Clear Quartz can not protect your lamp from overheat temperature.

How would I clean my UV Clear Quartz Plate often?

You should clean your uv clear quartz plate right away as long as it was dirty. Utilize a build up lint free material with Windex or Simple Green to clean. Try not to squander your cash on uncommon UV light cleaners as they have questionable esteem! In the event that solvents are allowed, utilize isopropyl liquor. For outrageous cases, utilize a gentle grating, for example, Soft Scrub to clean the uv clear quartz plate. Make certain to wash any buildup off the glass before reinstalling light. Continuously permit light to cool and detach all power preceding any cleaning. In the event that your printer utilizes a reasonable quartz channel plate, utilize a similar cleaning strategy to expel tidy and ink fog. Keep in mind to evacuate all fingerprints before continuing operation.