Heraeus UV Lamp

Showing 1–12 of 45 results

Showing 1–12 of 45 results

Customized Heraeus UV lamp for all Heraeus machines

Lavaink supplies not only most of Heraeus UV Lamp but also we can customize to manufacture all lamp for Heraeus machines.

Free One Lamp for you. If we have do not manufactured your lamp, you just send us your old lamp and it not to be new but it must be light, we will give you one free new lamp. We can produce lamps within 3 days once we get sample uv lamp.

Heraeus UV Lamp for set and reprography applications
Amba ultraviolet radiation set lamps. The ultraviolet radiation set lamp is employed in industrial applications to cure special ultraviolet radiation set paints, adhesives and printing inks and for reprography. The spectrum of the ultraviolet radiation lamps are often modified by adding metal halides cherish metal halide and iron halide. during this method, these supposed metal salt lamps (MH lamps) are exactly tuned to your method.

  1. Reprography
  2. Photochemistry
  3. Photopolymerisation
  4. Curing of paints and inks
  5. Curing of adhesives
  6. Sewer rehabilitation
  7. PCB producing
  8. Glass decoration
  9. CD producing
  10. Inkjet printing
  11. Optical lens coating
  12. Automotive parts
  13. Label printing
  14. Metal decorating
  15. Frequent doping varieties

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