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IST M200U uv lamp

This 8 inch UV IST M200U uv lamp is for Heraeus machine. This IST M200U uv lamp GUARANTEED 100% COMPATIBLE. Furthermore it surpasses the OEM Standards of UV Curing Lmap Bulb.
IST 30427 UV Lamp Specifications:
Type: Mercury
Arc Length: 8 inches
Total Length: 13.25 inches
Tube Diameter: 0.9 inches or 22.86mm
Watts Per Inch: 250 WPI
Wattage: 2000 W
Other known Part Numbers:
Kammann 717221507000
Targray PLAMPPRT756
Heraeus Amba AM351X
Heraeus Amba AM1159X
200MU S200MUL
Found on Printing Presses such as:
Kammann K15 CD printer
Singulus Speedline DVD printer

How often do you need to replace IST M200U uv lamp?

All lavaink uv lamps come with 800 hours guarantee from our uv lamp manufacturer. Hence, you should replace HP UV Lamp after 800 hours. 800 hours means operation. UV curing is not good enough if you still continue to use this uv lamp.
OEM UV equipment manufacturers don’t make the HP UV Lamp they offer, but Lavaink does! and also OEM UV equipment manufacturers do not focus on uv lamp technology and they are not uv lamp expert but Lavaink is UV Lamp expert since 1990s. And so our uv curing lamp bulb exceeds the OEM Standards of UV Curing bulb performance.

The highest quality uv lamp at the lowest price

Lavaink provides not only the highest quality uv lamp for all machines but also the lowest price. Lavaink owns our self uv lamp manufacturer since 1990s. Because we have technicians to control the whole manufacturer procedure for each uv lamp and test them before sending to our customers. We also cut down the cost to the lowest to give customers the best prices. Therefore we can ensure the highest quality uv lamp at the affordable prices.

Customized lamps for any machines

We stock all regular uv lamps for most of machines, but if you can not find your lamp here and also we can customize to clone your OEM lamp for your machine. Just send us your old lamp and it is not need be new uv lamp but it must light. We will reproduce the lamp at fraction of the price OEM UV curing bulb. Our lamp is 100% compatible with OEM uv lamp.

We manufacturer not only the above HP UV Lamp but also can customize to produce any lamps for any machines as long as we get the lamp specification.

One free new uv lamp if you send us your old sample lamp but it must light as long as we do not produce this lamp before. Simple send us your lamp info at How to buy uv lamp