UV Printer

Three types of uv printers:

  1. UV Flatbed Printer.
  2. LED UV Hybrid Printer
  3. UV Roll to Roll printer

Lavaink provides you all these three kinds of uv led printer at affordable prices for everyone. Further, uv led printer maintenance service is available in Great Toronto Area.

UV ink advantages

UV ink is solid ink that can be printed at any media like paper, canvas, wood, metal, plastic, glass, tile, marble. And further uv ink colour has good colour saturation. No fading due to uv ink is solid ink.¬† We tested uv printer ink printing and the photos were exposed to sunlight every day and up to date over 8 years and the photos colour are still perfect colour saturation as original printing. It’s magic!!!

How to buy a uv printer?

Just print CMYK solid colours at 4 passes¬†with bi direction mode ! The simplest way is to print CMYK solid colours at 4 passes to check if there is pass banding. If there is no pass banding and then it’s a very good uv led printer.

Using the best uv Toyo Ink

UV ink is the first important factor with printing. So you must use the best uv ink from Toyo ink. Lavaink provides the best quality uv ink at the lowest price. Our Toyo uv ink price is just 79.95USD/Liter.

How to maintain UV ink lines

How to set up uv printer negative pressure
UV Printer maintaining service available in Great Toronto Area.
If you are live in Great Toronto Area, then you you are lucky because you do not only have good change to buy our best quality products but also can get our maintaining service. We have over 20 years experience on uv led printer manufacture and maintaining.