Adapter Manifold DX4


Adapter Manifold DX4 for roland, mimaki and mutoh printers.


Adapter Manifold DX4

Adapter Manifold DX4 also have another name:  Manifold DX4. This Adapter Manifold DX4 is the most important part for dx4 printhead. It connect printhead to the damper. The ink line will be loosed if this Adapter DX4 was damaged or deformed. If your machine can not suck out ink automatically, then check this one if it was good condition.

How to maintain your Adapter Manifold DX4

If your machine non printing for a while, your printhead was clogged seriously and automatically suck out ink does not work. In this situation, you need our syringe with special cleaning liquid tube and damper to force ink to printhead, and then you can cleaning your printhead. This way can save big money for you, in fact it’s very simple maintaining for printhead. For the related maintaining kit, please check the following products.

This Adapter Manifold DX4 is for the following printers:

Roland SC-500, Roland SJ-1000, Roland SJ-500, Roland SJ-600, Roland SJ-700, Roland SC-545ex, Roland SJ-645ex, Roland SJ-745ex, Roland SJ-1045ex, Roland SP-300, Roland SP-300i, Roland SP-300v, Roland SP-540, Roland SP-540i, Roland SP-540v, Roland VP-300, Roland VP-300i, Roland VP-540, Roland VP-540i, Roland VS-300, Roland VS-420, Roland VS-540, Roland VS-640.

Mimaki JV3-130S, Mimaki JV3-130SL,Mimaki JV3-160S,Mimaki JV3-160SP,Mimaki JV3-250SP,Mimaki JV3-75SPII,Mimaki JV3-130SPII.

Mutoh Rockhopper 38, Mutoh Falcon Jr, Mutoh Rockhopper 48,Mutoh Falcon Outdoor, Mutoh Rockhopper 62, Mutoh Spitfire 65, Mutoh Spitfire 90, Mutoh Spitfire 100 Extreme.


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