HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041


HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041



HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041

Why do you need change HP 8000 Steel Belt?

Good and new quality HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041 can delivery the best mechanical precision for the printer movement!!!

After some time, HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041, get to be damaged, and can squeak or even break. For ideal execution and dependability, you will need to replace HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041 every 3 months. The common symptom of a failing Steel Belt is rattling noises occurring from your pulley.

HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041

This HP 8000 Steel Belt is appropriate for HP Designjet 8000 printers.  It is also driving belt. This HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041 has a length of 5000 mm and is 25 mm wide. The perform of a belt is to easily transfer rotation from one pulley to another one.

Lavaink provides not only for the above HP printers belts but also for all kinds of HP printers.

HP Printers belts types

HP Printers belts cover two type belts. The first one is closed Synchronous Belt that is connected between two pulleys and it also named synchronizes timing belt. The second belt is steel belt that is open end. how to buy steel belt.

We also customized belts for any machine. We can produce any belts as long as you provide us the technique data for belt. Most of time we can manufacture belts within one week once we get the full belt information.

HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041.

HP DesignJet 8000 Steel belt Q6670-60041 strengthen steel ending fit double lasting life.

How to adjust Seiko Steel Belt?

adjust two screws that controls the tension on left side of the printer, have someone push your carriage from left to right slowly while you turning the screws to see if the belt is aligned. you can say that its aligned if its not riding up and down.
Caution : When replacing the steel belt, be careful not to cut your hands by the belt.
Notes : Do not damage the steel belt. Remove following covers before replacing the steel belt.

  1. Side cover R: refer to “Removing side cover R”
  2. Side cover L: refer to “Removing side cover L”
  3. Front cover: refer to “Removing the front cover”
  4. Carriage cover: refer to “Removing the carriage cover”
  5. Y rail cover: refer to “Removing the Y rail cover”
  6. Unlock the head. Notes : Refer to “Head Lock Menu”
  7. Move the carriage from the capping position to the left.
  8. Rotate the 2 steel belt adjustment screws counter clock wisely to loosen the steel belt. 1 = Steel belt adjustment screws 2 = Steel belt
  9. Remove the 2 screws fixing the steel belt. 1 = Screws fixing the steel belt 2 = Steel belt
  10. Reinstall all parts in the opposite order of the removal procedure.
  11. Perform steel belt tension adjustment according to “Steel belt tension adjustment”.

Be careful when handling the steel belt

The steel belt may be cut off when accreting dust to it or creasing it. The driven pulley shaft’s installation is one way only. Refer to “Service Parts List/Exploded Views/Configuration Diagrams”, to install it correctly so that the bearing stoppers are on top.
After installing the CR slave pulley assembly, move the carriage to the left and right manually to confirm that the steel belt has been set equally in the center of the CR actuator pulley and the CR slave pulley assembly.


The procedure for adjusting the steel belt tension is explained below. This section explains the procedure for adjusting steel belt tension. When removing/installing the steel belt, adjust its tension.
Tools required for work: The following tools are required when adjusting the tension of the steel belt.
Tension gauge: max. 2.0 N (200 g)
Steel belt tension attachment 2: for gauge diameter 2mm (0.08in.) or less
Notes : Refer to “jig and Tool list”. Adjustment Procedure
Use the following procedure to adjust the tension of the steel belt.

  1. Place the tension gauge at the center of the steel belt. 1 = steel belt 2 = Tension gauge. Notes : The regulation values for the tension of the steel belt are at below. 1. 50 inch, 64 inch specifications: 1.0 N +- 0.1 N (100 g +- 10 g) 2. 87 inch specifications: 0.9 N +- 0.1 N (90 g +- 10 g)
  2. If the tension of the steel belt is not within the range of regulated values, adjust the steel belt tension screws. 1 = Steel belt 2 = Steel belt tension screw 3 = CR slave pulley
  3. Move the CR cursor to the left and right once or twice. Adjust the CR driven pulley until the upper and lower margins are identical.

Caution :
If the tension is not equivalent across the entire belt, it could snap during operation.


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