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Konica KM 512 Head Cable Konica KM 1024 Head Cable

Konica Head Cable

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Konica KM512 Head Cable

Konica Head Cable | Konica KM512 Head Cable
Konica KM512 Head Cable

Konica Head Cable

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Konica KM1024 Head Cable

Konica KM1024 Head Cable
Konica KM1024 Head Cable

Price: $29.95 USD[wp_cart:Konica KM1024 Head Cable :price:29.95:end]

Konica Head Cable KM512 KM1024

Konica KM512 KM1024  Head Cable for all Chinese Printers as the following:

Anhui Liyu Victor KJ2512 / Victor KJ2520 / Victor KJ3020 / Apollo PTP-KL / Maxima PZ3204-KM / Maxima PZ3206-KM / Maxima PZ3208-KM, Flora F1 250UV / F1 320UV / F1 180UV / PP 1816UV / PP 2512UV / PP 3218UV, Allwin C8, Rodin K4320-A / K4320-B / K6164-B / K8320-B / k6320-A, Skynet PC-series / HS-series. Kincolor. Skyjet. Docan. Infinity.  Gongzheng.

You will need change your konica head KM512 KM1024 cable when the cable head dirty, bent or stripped. The printheads will fail or stop working altogether if you do not change konica KM512 KM1024 head cable. If you notice any damage (bent connector, dirty cables, even the slightest dent in the cable), replace the cable immediately. damaged head cable can cause data lost and missed some nozzle to fire or completely one color missed.

No idea what’s cable for your printer?We can produce any Flexible Flat Cables for you within 3 business days if we do not have them in stock.Just email us the following information as the photos. fill the following info:

  1. How many pin for your flexi cable?
  2. What is yoru flexi cable PITCH?such as 0.500 mm, 0.625 mm, 0.635 mm, 0.800 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.27 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.54 mm, but the most common pitches are 0.500 mm and 1.00 mm.
  3. What’s type for your flexi cable? A type or B Type?
  4. How length in cm for yoru flexi cable?

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How to replace print head cable?

  1. Turn off power!!!
  2. Be carefully pull the Konica Head Cable away from your Chinese printer mother board.
  3. Slide the Konica Head Cable out of the slots to remove the Konica Head Cable from the head board.
  4. Then Gently insert Konica Head Cable to Chinese printer head board at one end.
  5. Then Gently insert Konica Head Cable to Chinese printer mother board at one end.

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Konica Head Cable

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