Mimaki JV5 Damper M006579


Mimaki JV5 Damper M006579


Mimaki JV5 Damper M006579

This Mimaki JV5 Damper M006579 is for the following printers: Mimaki CJV30-60 and CJV30-100, Mimaki CJV30-130.  CJV30-160, and also Mimaki CJV30-60BS. CJV30-100BS and also Mimaki CJV30-130BS, CJV30-160BS. Mimaki JV33-130, JV33-160, Mimaki JV33-260. JV33-130BS, Mimaki JV33-160BS, JV33-260BS. Mimaki JV5-130S, JV5-160S, Mimaki JV5-260S. JV5-320S, Mimaki JV5-320DS, TPC-1000, Mimaki TS3-1600. TS5-1600AMF, Mimaki TS500-1800. You need to change your dampers if Ink is not pump to the head properly. As a result, the white or dark lines appear in the printing image, or printing becomes scratchy. Our Mimaki jv5 Dampers are solvent resistant.

Remember to remove air from your dampers after replacing JV5 Damper. also you need to check your o-ring and must be install all dampers with o-ring to seal ink line perfectly. Lavaink have all ink line solution to delivery ink line perfect seal condition.

Seal Perfect is the key for ink line. You can test this by using a syringe to suck out air or ink from damper, if you can suck ink out easily and that can prove your ink line including damper sealing is perfect. otherwise you should double check where is loose ink your installation for damper.

To insure ink line sealed perfectly, you must use o-ring for all dampers installation. Lavaink sell universal o-ring for your damper seal perfect at Universal O ring.

Syringe can be your good help to check whether your ink line is sealed perfect or not. If ink line is clogged, you must use syringe to push ink from ink cartridge to damper to head. automatically cleaning doesn’t work if there was too much air in the ink line.