Mimaki UV Chip 440ml


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 Mimaki UV Chip

Mimaki UV Chip for all Mimaki printers JF-1610   JF-1631  UJF-605CII   UJF-605RII  UJF-706.


Mimaki UV Ink Chip Richer. more consistent colors and ensures both the smoothest gradations and sharpest photo graphic details.Brighter. more opaque white for bolder results.Denser. more reflective metallic silver for added impact.Virtually odorless, user friendly and nickel free.Fast drying and scratch resistant for fast. easy finishing and handling.Wide color gamut for deep reds, blues and greens.Aggressively adheres to a range of affordable uncoated media.Durability up to 5 years outdoors without lamination.

Mimaki UV Ink Chip

Mimaki UV Ink Chip Perfect Fluid, Perfect color fidelity match with the monitor. You can use All Lavaink ICC Profiles.Quick drying time for improved production speed in less than 0.3 seconds.Wider color gamut and denser color.Virtually odorless and user-friendly.Rugged scratch resistance.as low as 50% OEM ink price.all medias .No need to flush old ink.

Mimaki UV Ink Chip is dries fast. a wide color gamut. rugged scratch resistance.

Mimaki UV Ink Chip support for uncoated and coated media. it has three years of outdoor durability. all at a low cost per square foot. Mimaki UV Ink Chipalso offers the peace of mind of GREEN GUARD certification. it is virtually odorless. it does not require any special ventilation or environmental equipment.

Alternative Mimaki UV ink Chip in a 440ml cartridge. Works on Mimaki JF and UJF series of printers. The ink is safe for the Toshiba Tec print heads of Mimaki printers. This UV curable ink won’t crack if the media is slightly stretched, due to its flexible nature.

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SPC-0371C, SPC-0371M, SPC-0404HY, SPC-0371Y-2, SPC-0371K, SPC-0371LC, SPC-0371LM, SPC-0371W, SPC-0371CL, SPC-0371FS


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