Roland SJ-540 Damper 6081181200


Roland SJ-540 Damper 6081181200


Roland SJ-540 Damper 6081181200 Replacement Thread outside diameter: 5.52 mm Inside diameter: 2.7 mm Tubing that fits: 2.7 x 1.5 mm nipple: 1.85mm

Change roland printer damper.
Dirty dampers will damage to the printhead.

These dampers solvent resistance . You need to frequently replace Roland damper. Dirty damper will hinder your head and ink. Roland printer head will often drop out of school , missing airplane ink flow and hunger. In the end, ignoring the damper will damaged to the printhead because of overheated printhead.

This high-quality , large common solvent damper ( 3 mm accessories ) with large internal network from the need for pipe 3 mm accessories Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printer models compatible with the latest filtering . The damper improves the performance of the printer, high-speed mode to prevent ink starvation . The damper includes a top quality in the outlet side of the O- ring to ensure a proper seal between the damper and the print head.

Roland printer damper replacement Technical Documentation.

air bubble inside ink line. Ink bag dirty or pipeline leak. Sprinklers damaged or scratched. The cartridge has a problem , the black ink cartridge is not sealing gasket aging , often leak ink , the ink inlet Holes are blocked Ink pump damage Ink in. question Clean or replace the ink sac ink bag , check the pipe is broken. Check the bottom of the head if white spots , white lines, there is damage to the nozzle , replace the nozzle. Replace the toner cartridge , or with a needle inserted through the inlet port Check the ink film suction pump and ink suction pipe is broken , replace the ink absorbing film or pipe , cleaning the ink absorbing pad,Check that the positive and negative blade installed wrong ,Note that if the machine ink pump blade can return.There will be no problem with the question of color ink color piping bag on the exchange, off Mexico is observed along the pipeline. Go or to go along with the nozzle , replace the ink.