{:en}Solid State Relay SSR-10DD{:}{:es}Relé de estado sólido para lámpara LED UV{:}{:de}Halbleiterrelais für LED-UV-Lampe{:}{:fr}Relais d’état solide pour la lampe UV de LED{:}{:ru}Твердотельные реле для светодиодных УФ-лампы{:}{:br}Relé de estado sólido para lâmpada LED UV{:}


Solid State Relay SSR-10DD

Load Currents

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Solid State Relay SSR-10DD

  1. Load currents: 10A,25A,40A.
  2. Load voltage: 5~60VDC
  3. Control voltage: 3-32VDC
  4. Control current: DC5-50mA
  5. On-state voltage drop: ≤ 2.3V
  6. On-state leakage current: ≤ 2mA
  7. Off time: ≤ 10mS
  8. Medium voltage: 2000VAC
  9. Insulation resistance: 500MΩ500VDC
  10. Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +75 ℃
  11. Placement method: Bolt fixed
  12. Work instruction: LED
  13. Weight: 90g (10A, 25A)
  14. 135g (40A or more)

The most important thing for LED UV Lamp is that how to get the lamp signal. Some led uv lamp manufacturer open their technique specifications but others does not. Solution to find out lamp signal is that you can check which cable from lamp to board and you will find that cable control led uv lamp shutter ON/OFF. This lamp signal is weak signal and most of them are less than 5 DC and so you have to use solid state relay to get this weak signal.

Lavaink not only sell parts but also support technique to our customers. We will give you full support to install our parts.

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Load Currents

10 A, 20 A, 25 A, 30 A, 40 A, 50 A, 60 A, 80 A, 100 A

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