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Lavaink Agfa LED UV ink from Japan Toyo UV ink !!!

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Agfa UV Ink from Japan Toyo uv ink

Please note: From now, All Lavaink Agfa ink will be delivered directly from our uv printer manufacture. And All Lavaink Agfa ink is from Japan Toyo uv ink. This ensure that lavaink can delivery the best uv ink at the lowest cost for all uv ink customers.

This Agfa UV ink also works for Agfa new model LED UV Printer!!!

How to change Agfa UV Ink to Lavaink or Lavaink to Agfa UV Ink?

In fact, nothing to do if you use OEM good ink before switching to Lavaink.

Just flush out old ink if you use poor quality uv ink before switching to Lavaink.

Like change Light Cyan ink from one brand ink to other one.

  1. Printer should be TURN OFF.
  2. Disconnect light cyan ink pump wire and ink level sensor wire.
  3. Take out light cyan ink bottle to empty and clean.
  4. Then put Empty light cyan ink bottle back.
  5. Connect light cyan ink pump wire and ink level sensor wire.
  6. Printer should be TURN ON.
  7. Turn off NEGATIVE Pressure !!! Otherwise the ink will go to negative tubing to cause the trouble.
  8. Close all other colors ink valve excluding light cyan. Just keep light cyan ink valve open. Uninstall screw and OPEN Tubing after valve and use cup for ink out.
  9. Press and Hold PURGE INK BUTTON to push ink out from light cyan sub tank. Normally Hold PURGE INK BUTTON from 5 seconds to 10 seconds and then release it.
  10. Repeat Step 9 until no ink come out. This prove you already empty the whole light cyan ink line.
  11. Close Light Cyan Ink Valve. Put tubing back and gently tight screw to keep ink line sealed perfectly.
  12. Then put new light cyan ink to ink bottle. refer the above step 1~5.
  13. The printer will automatically pump ink until light cyan sub tank is full. This step maybe take a little long because the whole ink line is empty.

Why buy Agfa UV Ink from Lavaink?

High performance and High Fluidity from the most fresh agfa anapurna uv ink manufacturer directly.

Lavaink is the uv ink and uv printer specialist since 2004. We produce agfa uv ink specila for Agfa series uv printers with Konica print head. We do strictly test after producing agfa anapurna uv ink and before sending to customers. Lavaink do test printing with varies Konica print head that including Konica KM512 and Konica KM 1024, and also at high speed Konica 1024iMHE print head. All our testing printing get the High-performance at High Speed Printing Mode. Lavaink agfa uv ink is send out directly from our manufacturer to the customers and so we can keep the most fresh uv ink at High-performance and High Fluidity. This is the key to print at high speed mode.

The consistent color from agfa uv ink manufacturer directly.

Lavaink produce huge uv ink each month and so we can keep the most accuracy consistent color. Also our agfa anapurna uv ink color matches agfa oem uv ink color and so you do not need to do icc profile again.

This agfa anapurna uv ink Dry fast. Even our Agfa LED uv ink also dry instantly

Lavaink provides two kinds of agfa uv ink: Standard agfa uv ink for agfa mercury lamp and Agfa LED uv ink for Agfa LED Lamp. The standard mercury lamp uv ink is the hardness uv ink and it’s good for rigid media like foam board, coroplast sheets etc. We supply soft LED uv ink and it’s good for roll to roll agfa uv printers. And provide the middle soft Agfa led uv ink as default to all the customers. High soft led uv ink can be stretchable to 200% upon the customer request.

Scratch resistance perfect. You do not need to do lamination for most of printing jobs due to good Scratch resistance.

This Agfa UV Ink for the following agfa uv pinters:

Agfa Anapurna M 1600. Agfa Anapurna M 2050i. Agfa Anapurna 2500i. Agfa Anapurna M2540i. Agfa Anapurna M3200. Agfa Anapurna M2. Agfa Anapurna M4. Agfa Anapurna Mv. Agfa Anapurna Mw. Agfa Anapurna M2. Agfa Jeti 3348UV. Agfa Anapurna M4f. Jeti Mira. Jeti Tauro. Jeti Titan S/HS.

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